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Business, like life, moves fast. It’s hard to keep up with the changing needs of both customers and employees. In the Culture of Convenience™ podcast, host Jeff Kahler talks with experts from a variety of industries to discuss issues related to people, processes, technology, and operations.

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The Culture of Convenience™ podcast is about creating an environment where it’s easy for those around you to reach their goals, which in turn helps you reach yours. It’s about thriving as a leader. It’s about strength in numbers. It’s about gaining perspective from people who have already powered through the same challenges you face.

Hosted by business leader and entrepreneur Jeff Kahler, this podcast touches on almost every component of life as a leader. Topics range from the big picture of strategic planning to the minute details of motivating your team. Every episode offers expert advice to guide you toward building a culture of convenience in your own operation.

Jeff Kahler

Jeff Kahler


Our Latest Episode

Episode 0022

Decision Making: A Regret-Free Zone

Episode 0022 | Decision Making: A Regret-Free Zone

What does your decision-making process look like? There are logical steps to making wise decisions – but occasionally things still don’t work out. How can you feel confident about your business decisions?

Episode 0021 | Don’t Tell Me to Calm Down!

Whether you like it or not, conflict – and therefore conflict management – is a part of life. This week, Jeff Kahler breaks down the difference between “peacemaking” and “peacekeeping.”

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