Convenience - Noun - The state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. Effective leaders create an environment of convenience.

About Our host

As the podcast host, Jeff Kahler is inviting you into the culture of convenience he’s created through his own company. Jeff is the Founding Principal at Ready Training, Inc. (RTO), an online training and learning management firm dedicated to helping business owners leverage their most important asset – their staff. Jeff’s mission in life is to connect with people and help them any way he can. Building a strong bond between business and community is an essential part of Jeff’s management philosophy. As an active member of the community, Jeff contributes to local organizations and mentors and encourages the youth – our employees and employers of the future.

Vision & Mission

Culture of Convenience™ is a podcast about business. If you think that sounds too broad, we get where you’re coming from. The truth about business and leadership is that just when you think you know everything, you realize you have so much more to learn. We can all benefit from the experience of others. Host Jeff Kahler created Culture of Convenience™ to connect leaders from different areas of business to each other. Through collaboration and conversation, leaders share the good, bad, and the ugly with others, building their own cultures of convenience along the way.

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