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Few companies are truly able to stand out among their competitors, and even fewer are able to change the game completely – enter industry disrupters! This week, Jeff and Kelly discuss companies that “changed the game” not just for their industries but for our culture at large. Find out how they did it and consider: what strategies can you adopt to make your business stand out from the rest?

How can you become an industry disrupter? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Recent Episodes

Episode 0084 | Round the Wagons for Greater Success!

What are quality circles? Why should I use them? And how can I implement them in my team ASAP? Check out this week’s episode to see what Jeff and Kelly have to say about them and how they can positively impact your business.

Episode 0082 | The Secret to Creativity

This week, MotionGlass Studios’ very own Production Manager, Spence, is put in the hot seat to discuss one of his favorite things: creativity.

Episode 0081 | The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

This week’s guest literally wrote the book on soft skills. Carrie Luxem is the author of Soft Skills Playbook, and she’s joined Producer Kelly this week to talk about how to overcome a world of automation and improve on soft skills.

Episode 0076 | Killing the Demon of Comparison

This week, we’re talking about comparison – something everyone deals with on an almost-daily basis. Our special guest, Lisa Kahler (who happens to be married to Jeff), gives practical advice on overcoming the comparison mindset.

Episode 0074 | Performance Over Pants

Does fashion make or break your career? Does it even matter? In this week’s episode, Jeff Kahler discusses the clothes you wear and how it affects all areas of your career.

Episode 0073 | Overcoming Bad Bosses

Sometimes, the only way to deal with a bad boss is by quitting a job altogether. But before you write your resignation letter, listen to Jeff Kahler share some great ideas about how to deal with a bad boss or bad leadership.

Episode 0060 | Mentoring with Myra Kressner

Do you know the difference between coaching and mentoring? These two terms are often lumped together, but they’re actually very different. This week, Jeff Kahler and our special guest, Myra Kressner, share their experiences with mentoring and talk about mentoring’s significance and benefits.

Episode 0059 | Creating a Culture of Training

Investing time and money into training your employees often feels like just another expense, however training should be viewed not only as an investment in your people, but also an investment in the success of your business.

Episode 0053 | Tech Tales: We Hear Your Favorites

We’re always excited to accept voice recordings from our listeners! In this week’s episode, we compiled listener voice recordings sharing the convenient technology they’re using.

Episode 0052 | What the Heck is an LMS?!?

This week, Jeff Kahler shares his knowledge about the usage and implementation of an LMS and details the evolution of his company, Ready Training Online, and its LMS, trainingGrid™.

Episode 0051 | ROAD Case Conversation with John Flood

We’re taking you back in time to October 2021 and the NACS Show, where Jeff Kahler and Producer Kelly interviewed John Flood of ESS about his newest product, the MyVideo ROAD Case, an all-in-one video and production solution.

Episode 0047 | Broke as a Joke: Contest Stories

Running low on cash is never fun, especially when you’re starting a business or looking for a job. This week, we share the top 5 entries from our “Broke As a Joke Challenge”: real-life stories submitted by listeners who went through it.

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