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Brett Watson

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Until 2019 coupons were made from paper. With digital coupons entering the scene things are about to change- even in convenience stores. What impact will this have on the industry? Producer Kelly sits down with the Coupon Bureau’s Brett Watson to get to the info.

About Our Guest:

At The Coupon Bureau, Brett Watson is leading the charge, with the support of an incredible team, to revolutionize the coupon industry with Universal Coupons. As CEO, she drives both strategic direction and tactical execution, ensuring our vision becomes reality. Working closely with industry stakeholders, Brett helps to shape Universal Coupons to meet the ever-evolving needs of the market. Partner communication and management are key, and she’s delighted have the opportunity to develop and nurture relationships critical to our success.

But it’s not just about the product; it’s about our culture. Brett fosters an environment of collaboration and empowerment. Having an empowered team is critical to the daily work it takes to make fast and effective decisions to drive the adoption of Universal Coupons.

And yes, being a start-up CEO means do more than lead. From strategic planning to occasionally taking out the trash, Brett Watson is dedicated to propelling The Coupon Bureau forward in their mission to transform the coupon industry.

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